Have i been in a big storm? Yes!! Ben Evan and I were at bens cottage may 2-4 weekend we were on a fishing trip with bens uncle gregs boat witch was only 12 feet 11 feet we were coming back from a normally 20 minute boat took us 1 hour. The boat was over filling with water almost the water was really cold and his boat only had 2 seats so Ben and I had to sit on the bottom of  the boat with screws going in us but we had to get all the water out of the boat. it was crazy, scary and a litte fun. When we got home we had to take hot showers.


2013 Year In Review

   2013 was a very interesting year. There was a Bombing in Boston they have know clue why the people did it but there were a couple deaths and a lot hurt. There were a couple shooting in the U.S.A there was a insain amount  of deaths. In Canada there was only a few important thing just like the train crash in Quebec. There is a lot more important stuff so watch the video close and a have a great Christmas and New Year.I HOPE YOU LIKED MY VIDEO!!!

And Then It Happened

And Then It HAppened


A day when the RS hockey stick was still in the boys were walking down the road. Bill, Josh and I saw a flyer for a building that is free only if they find the cat of the owner of the building.


Well the boys and I were walking down town and they saw a cat but it was not the cat they were looking for so they took that one cat and painted the same as the cat on the flyer. They took it to the owner and the owner fell for it so Bill, Josh and I got the building. We made the building into a restaurant.


I was the manager, Bill was the was the waiter Josh was the chief. One day the mayor came in and he said he had some of the other mayors coming from different cities are coming, even the mayor from Toronto is coming. They each asked for a different thing. The mayor from Toronto asked for an omelette and I told Josh to make it as good as he can. He said ok well we had a little problem with bugs in the restaurant because when we bot the building the guy didn’t  tell us that it was enfested with bugs. So Josh made the omelette and gave it to Bill and Bill gave it to the mayor the mayor cut it open.


AND THEN IT HAPPENED The omelette had a worm in it so we didn’t know what to say. So i said our chief got some new vegetable we got from our supplier Jamaica. The mayor ate it and he liked it. He asked what was in it and I didn’t know what to say so i called it wormy.



Challenge 6

My grandparents are from Germany,Kyran’s grandparents are from Holland. Evan R’s are from Scottland, Lucas’s are from Canada and Ben’s are from Holland as well.

My Grandparents would eat Sausage’s and like big pretzels. Ben’s and Kyran’s would eat lots of fruit and meatballs. Lucas’s would eat Hand burgers and more hand burgers no i’m just kidding but tthey eat burgers and a lot of meat. Evan’s would eat Fish and some kinds of meats.


What my grandparents did for fun was soccer and lots more sports. Evan’s  would play Basketball and track. Kyran’s and Ben’s play Baseball and soccer. Lucas’s play hockey. sports

human rights

I think Canada has a lot of good rights for children like we have a right to go to school. Plus when I’m 18 I CAN vote for the mayor and the council. In other country’s you cant vote till you are 21.  In other country’s you cant vote at all because they are a communist country. Some country’s you cant go to school if you are a girl one of the best examples is Malalah Y. She lives in north Pakistan she was going to school but it was not really school because there was 4 other girls that were going to school in a basement. She tried to fight for girl rights and the Talliban tribe shot her in the head when she was coming home from school on the bus and they shot three shots and hit her once in the head and hit her two friends. Malalah survived and she is still standing up for girl rights.

after malala_2527835abefore malal

Challenge 2

1, one of the land marks in Canada that I like is the CN Tower in Toronto because there is so much you can do in it such as eat there is an awesome restaurant one of the best in Toronto not the best one of them though. Plus you can go bungie jumping or just walk out side on the top of it. Its so cool!!!  Its in down town Toronto when you come to Canada go to the CN tower in Toronto and than you can go watch a baseball game because the baseball filed is right across the street almost maybe 10 minutes at tops.



Week 3 All About Me

1, Normally I get up for school at 7:30 so I can get ready and i need time to walk to school but. Some times i get a ride so I can get up a little later so like 7:45 or 8:00 because my school starts at 8:30 and I eat my breakfast at school its called the breakfast club i help out there by cleaning up after everyone.

2, I normally have raisin toast for breakfast at my school because I go to breakfast club and for lunch I have a sandwich with ham mustered and I have some snacks as well what have for a snack is like some cookies and a juice box. But some times my friends and I go out for lunch to subway or we just go to Nofrils with is a grocey store in Canada that is right across the street from our school.